Sul sul! The Sims 4 on consoles this November

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The Sims 4 [GN score: 8.8 out of 10] is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17. Now, I'm the type of socially responsible and mortgage-paying adult that thinks he's totally over The Sims. Like, who needs that kind of game in their life except [insert wildly false platitude about middle aged mom gamers or what-have-you].

The truth is, I still love The Sims. In fact, one of my favorite games of the past year has been RimWorld. RimWorld is more often described as "Accessible Dwarf Fortress," but that's not how I play RimWorld. It's all well and good that I can adjust the air conditioning in each and every room and build double-wide sandbags around my solar panels, but I come to RimWorld for The Sims-like drama. Yes, Colonist Randy, please bring the crash landed resources back to base—but how are you feeling, little buddy, considering the fact that Colonist Scarlett Johansson totally shot down your marriage proposal even though you've been sleeping together for several months and she considers you her lover but she completely nixed your idea of wedding bells? Like I said, RimWorld Randy, what's got you down?

So, maybe I'm not over that kind of drama, the kind of drama that's inherent to The Sims gameplay. Suffice it to say, maybe I'm looking forward to The Sims 4 reaching more platforms. Sure, it's difficult for me to buy in, nowadays, when I know that the initial $50 buy-in is only the start, and that there are three expansions, five Game packs, and 11 Stuff packs to release before EA even begins thinking about developing The Sims 5.

Yet here I am, mouse hovering over the send button in Gmail, debating on whether to send a request for review code to my editor-in-chief.

Again, The Sims 4 hits PS4 and Xbox One on November 17. It's been on PC since 2014.

Dimension Drive swaps its way onto Switch and PC this fall

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Have you ever played Ikaruga, the shoot-em-up where you have to switch your ship between black and white to avoid the corresponding bullets? Well imagine that, but spread across two different screens and you'll have an idea of what Dimension Drive is about. The game is a vertical-scrolling shmup split horizontally across two screens; the only way to avoid the bullet hell on one side is to swap to the other. Developed by 2Awesome Studio, Dimension Drive is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch this fall. Here's the latest trailer for a closer look.

Need For Speed : Payback's new trailer shows off hot rodding at its finest

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Need For Speed : Payback is slated to be one of this years best motoring experiences and this new trailer shows off the load of cars, AND a customization system for the ages. As a gearhead myself, I could see a load of quality cars to upgrade. Just from the video I could see a '66 Mustang, a Nissan 350Z, a Jaguar F-Type, a '70's Datsun 240, a BMW M4, a 55 Chevy Bel Air, a new Challenger, and a Porsche GT3. Besides that, when you pre-order, you get the Premium Pack that gets you these awesome rides :

    Exclusive Platinum Blue Underglow & Tire Smoke Vanity Items

         Nissan 350Z 2008

         Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967

         Dodge Charger R/T 1969

         Ford F-150 Raptor 2016

         Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 2016

You can pre-order the game here:

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is out now on Switch and PC

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XSEED has announced that Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Steam version is 10% off in the first week of sale and all DLC is 20% off. Switch owners might get the better deal, however, as the Switch version comes with over 30 DLC costumes and the exclusive "Unshackles Bride" outfit. Nathan really enjoyed this Musuo-style hack-n-slash title when it debuted on the PS4 back in January, so if you missed Fate/EXTELLA the first time around it might be worth picking it up for the platform of your choice. Here's the launch trailer if you want to get a feel for the game.

Rayman Legends : Definitive Edition coming to switch in September

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Switch players who are Rayman fans are in for a treat. Ubisoft has announced that the Definitive Edition is coming to switch September 12th and that a demo for the game is on its way. It allows up to four players and offers an exclusive wireless local multiplayer experience in Kung Foot mode. It also allows access to a new tournament feature in Kung Foot.

Here's three new pics for NBA 2K18

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2K Games has released three new pictures showcasing NBA 2K18. Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics and DeMar DeRozan look pretty spot on. You also get the first look of Paul George in an Oklahoma City Thunder uniform after being traded from the Indiana Pacers.

With all the news surrounding Kyrie Irving this past week, don't be surprised if the cover athlete is sporting a jersey of a different team. Cleveland is looking to trade their star point guard after he requested it, but I wouldn't be surprised as well if he was still on the team day 1.

NBA 2K18 will be coming to the consoles and PC on September 19, 2017.

Starfire shows off her powers in Injustice 2

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Starfire, most notably of the Teen Titans, will be making her way to Injustice 2 in August but a look at her was revealed over the weekend.

You can see the signature supernova green powers as the Queen of Tamaran and she's pretty angry that her love, Dick Grayson, was killed by Damien Wayne. This is her debut in a fighting game and it looks like the folks at NetherRealm has done a great job of translating her to the video game space.

Niantic releases info about the legendary birds in Pokemon GO beyond Articuno

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For those who haven't heard, the recent Pokemon GO festival over in Chicago was...well, apparently calling it a "dumpster fire" is being nice. Because of that trainers now have the opportunity to battle and capture the legendary Pokemon Lugia and Articuno via raids. However, there was some confusion as to how long they'd be around.  Yesterday we were told by Niantic that the bonuses that were obtained at the festival that were going to end last night will now continue through Thursday evening, and today we got an update about the birds.

As trainers are aware, Lugia and Articuno are both available in raids. According to a blog post by Niantic, Articuno will be available through Monday July 31st. When it comes to the other two, Moltres will be released on Monday July 31st and will be available through Monday, August 7th, while Zapdos will be obtainable from Monday August 7th through August 14th. Basically each bird will be available for about a week with Articuno having a couple of extra days since it was released this past Saturday. However, I didn't see anything about how long Lugia would be available or any info on Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Mew, and Celebii. For more info regarding the legendary birds and how the recent festival went, check out Niantic's blog post.

Let the two-hour Pyre original soundtrack be a part of your workday

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Good guy Supergiant Games just released the full Pyre Original Soundtrack on YouTube for everyone's listening pleasure. As with Supergiant's previous games, Darren Korb composes and, along with Ashley Barrett, brings the indie ballad vocals. It's always iffy recommending video game music outside of video games themselves. Like, I'm not going to be playing the Pyre OST in my car with the windows down and the system up. But it's good stuff, if you're looking for chill old-world instrumentals that aren't afraid to add a rusty trip-hopped edge to the musical layering. More importantly, I found that the soundtrack, in-game, advances and retreats with an uncanny, balletic ability. Especially in a dialogue-rich game that involves plenty of reading on the player's part, the musical mood setting in Pyre plays a tangible role in character development. It's not just a dramatic shift in pitch and volume; it's like the music interweaves itself as part of the fabric making up Pyre's landscape, not to mention its cast of characters.

Without the game's context, I'm sure some of that would roll off your back. But if you want to listen to what it sounds like when a composer is every bit the world developer that the artists and writers are, then give this soundtrack a spin.

There are 39 tracks, starting with "In the Flame," which is, lyrically, a primer for Pyre's gameplay. It's nearly two hours of music, all said and done, making it Korb's longest published work to date. Pyre's OST alone doesn't blow my mind like when Bastion's OST came out; six years later, I still give that one spins. But Pyre draws a familiar tonality from Korb's previous work on both Bastion and Transistor.

Pyre just launched to nearly universal critical acclaim [GN score: 9 out of 10]. And with good reason. It's the best party-based RPG I've played in the last 12 months, and that includes Torment: Tides of Numenera and definitely includes Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Pyre is available (as of today) on PC and PS4.

The WWE 2K18 Collectors Edition might be revealed this Thursday

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WWE 2K18 will be getting some kind of Collectors Edition this year with physical goodies, but the contents of said edition haven't been revealed. If a recent Tweet from the official WWE 2K Twitter page is to be believed however, we may get info this coming thursday. 

Who thinks we should do something about that question mark? #WWE2K18 #Thursday

The question mark refers to the chart released when the game was announced about what you get with each edition. The Collectors Edition was simply marked with a question mark in regards to what was included with it. 

The WWE 2K17 Collectors Edition included an NXT Wrestlers DLC pack, a Finn Balor action figure and a lithograph autographed by Shinsuke Nakamura so I would assume this years edition will include some similar content including another figurine and an autograph. 

WWE 2K18 releases on October 17 for PS4 and Xbox One. 

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