Concerts have arrived to Cities: Skylines

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Paradox Interactive has recently released a new mini-expansion for Cities: Skylines that introduces concerts into the game. Cities: Skylines - Concerts lets players make their cities more musical by building festival ground buildings and creating city ordinances to drive ticket sales. The mini-expansion also features new music from in-game bands NESTOR, Elijha MOTi, and Lily La Roux via the new music-focused radio station "Live" which is all music, no interruptions. Cities: Skylines - Concerts is now available for $6.99 on Steam and Paradox Plaza. More info can be found at

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Fishing Planet's new PS4 trailer is cooler than any of us and I'm angry about it

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Okay, I'm breaking what little professionalism I have here to talk about that new Fishing Planet trailer. It's a fishing game, which is a historically bad and boring genre. We all know this. The game has been out on Steam for a couple years, and it's making its PS4 debut on August 29, so there was a need for extra hype. Perfectly reasonable.

You know what's not reasonable? The new trailer.

It has absolutely no business being cooler than I am. Like, I'm not really a cool person, but when the trailer for a FISHING GAME is cooler than I am, then some contention begins to blossom. The game's 12 scenic waterways are cooler than I am. The advanced fish AI is cooler than I am. The thousands of tackle combinations are cooler than I am. Who even needs thousands of tackle combinations? Not me, but this metal-as-heck trailer made me think that thousands of tackle combinations are the coolest option to have in any video game, ever, in the entire world. 

And why is this all so cool according to me, the person who couldn't care less about fishing? Because the whole darn thing is basically a trailer for an action undercover spy movie where the spy's primary role is to stand quietly at the edge of one of the aforementioned 12 scenic waterways and fish. Why? Has one of the fish swallowed a flash drive containing information vital to the nation's security? Is he working to save a critically endangered species my transplanting it somewhere safer? Does he just want to make some really dangerous fish fry?

Basically, this trailer represents absolutely nothing that a fishing game should stand for, and I'm furious about it, but you need to watch it because it's still pretty much the best thing I've seen all summer.

Splatoon 2's DLC weapon rollout continues with the Classic Squiffer

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Nintendo's frequent release of free DLC weapons for Splatoon 2 continues with another throwback to Splatoonthe Classic Squiffer. My computer is pretty insistent that I really mean to say Swiffer here, but I'm not really sure what a Classic Swiffer would bring to the world of Splatoon. Squiffer it is.

The Classic Squiffer should be a familiar sight to Splatoon veterans. It's a charger with fairly short range, but it more than makes up for that shortcoming with its charge speed. If it's fully charged, it can let loose with some pretty mean attacks as well. Not only that, but it also comes equipped with Point Sensors and Ink Armor, so it's by no means a bare-bones addition to the lineup.

As with the other weapons added in this particular chain of DLC, the Classic Squiffer will cost you exactly zero real-life dollars. You only have to drop some in-game currency on it at Ammo Knights. The next Splatfest is coming up in a couple of weeks, after all; will this charger be in your armory when the time comes?

Gun Media announces tons of new content coming soon to Friday the 13th: The Game

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A week ago, Gun Media announced that Friday the 13th: The Game would be getting new variant maps. These maps are going to be smaller versions of the three maps already in the game and will provide for faster gameplay and faster kills. Today, Gun Media announced tons of additional content that will be coming to the game. No release dates yet for any of this content but it still looks like awesome stuff. 

  • New Playable Map 

Along with the smaller variant maps that will be added soon, the devs have confirmed that a new large map will be added to the game and will be based on a location from one of the movies. 

  • New Playable Jason 

A brand new Jason will be included in the game with his own unique kills. No info yet on which one but my guess would maybe be Part 5 since Part 4 (which is basically the same as Part 3), Part 5 and Jason X are the only ones not currently in the game. Unfortunately the devs do not have the rights for Freddy vs. Jason or the 2009 Remake Jason. 

  • Retro Jason Rework 

Retro was intoduced in June as a special skin for Part 3 Jason with a retro 8 bit tune and costume based on the NES Friday the 13th game. With this update, the Retro Jason is going to be removed and reworked. Here is a statement from the devs about Retro Jason's removal. 

UPDATE. We’re going to be removing Retro Jason for a little TLC work. Don’t freak out, it will only be a month or so. We have some plans for this Jason, as we will be adding new music that both the counselor AND Jason hear during gameplay. And trust us, you’ll like the results.

  • Two New Counselors 

Two brand new counselors for Jason to slaughter. Interesting thing of note is that the devs are teasing that these counselors could be actual characters from the films just like Tommy Jarvis. 

  • All New Kills 

Each Jason in the game will be a brand new set of special kills motion captured by Kane Hodder. 

  • New Clothing Pack 

Nothing revealed about this except for the fact that "everyone likes a secret! Right?". Details will be revealed soon 

  • Spring Break 1984 Swimsuit Costume Pack 

Yeah... we all knew this was coming. It is Friday the 13th after all and these movies were always about teenagers doing things they shouldn't be doing. Normal price for these costumes will be $3.99 and there will be a limited time offer to get it for half off at $1.99 but no details about a release date yet. 

Pokémon fans speculate the return of a series classic

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Earlier today, the official Pokémon YouTube channel released a new teaser video for Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon. In case you missed it, give it a quick watch:

In the video, we're given some nice yet unsurprising updates. Among these are a reveal of new clothing options for our Pokémon trainers, as well as some new areas of Alola that weren't available in Pokémon Sun / Moon. Additionally, we see Dusk Form Lycanroc in action, along with a hint that only certain Rockruff will be able to claim this evolution as their own. On the surface, this isn't much of an update - but an update never the less.

However, what could be the most important detail of this video exists in a quick moment. Scrub your YouTube player to about 0:14, and you'll see a character dressed in what seems like red spandex, sporting a wild hair style. Remove your gaze from his flashy attire and take notice of the trash cans that surround him. For players who have been wrangling Pokémon since the original game, this will seem instantly reminiscent of Lt. Surge's gym. An electrical switch puzzle was all that protected Lt. Surge from pedestrian Trainers like ourselves. This area will surely ring a bell for those who have ventured through Kanto. Check out this forensic-level photography for reference:

Of course, this could also just be a new area within Alola that simply references Lt. Surge's shocking systems - but it's worth noting that Kanto is heavily referenced at the end of Pokémon Sun / Moon. This can either be a blip on the radar, or a huge clue as to how big of an update Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon is. Will we be heading back to Kanto?!
Stay tuned, Trainers! More details for Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon are sure to make themselves known soon. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on this set of updates?

In an unprecedented move, PewDiePie says he doesn't want to be associated with Nazis

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PewDiePie is capable of learning, according to YouTube sensation PewDiePie, who has responded to the events in Charlottesville with the Shaggy approved "it wasn't me" defense, in the perfectly committal-non-committal vlog-post he uploaded titled "I guess this needed to be said."

In the video, PewDiePie touches briefly on Charlottesville and then immediately moves on to his relationship to the Nazi outcry (he addresses in the comments that this was in poor taste), and from there transitions into talking about how happy he is to play PUBG, and how grateful he is to his fans for their support.

PewDiePie made this video largely because of his own history of being associated with Nazis. Specifically, PewDiePie refers to the scandal from February, where his crude, offensive "jokes" using Nazism as a sort of shock-jock tactic amused some, horrified most, and ultimately made him a pariah for a time that divided the YouTube community. It also lead to the dissolve of Pewds partnership with Disney.

"I just want to move on with my life, thank you very much," PewDiePie pleads to the Nazis who dare to associate with him.

"You guys can keep doing what you're doing with your tiki torches," he continued, the joke hear being, I guess, that the Nazis can keep spreading their vile hatred and violence as long as they don't count a Swedish millionaire, who makes money screaming into microphones while playing video games for the benefit of market-friendly demographics, as a member of their White Nationalist "squad-fam," as PewDiePie would put it.

The truth is, even if this is a tepid, self-absorbed disassociation, it's better than the alternative, and with 56 Million Subscribers, it's better that PewDiePie not associate himself with the alt-right or whatever Nazis are calling themselves this week.

Anyway you can check out the video above if you'd like, but you can also donate to those who fought off White-Supremacists in Charlottesville. Maybe do both.

Quake Champions is coming to early access

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Quake Champions is coming to early access next week according to Bethesda Softworks, Polygon reports. It'll be available via both Steam and the launcher starting Aug. 22, at a price of $29.99.

This early access purchase, dubbed the Champions Pack, for id Software's arena shooter will feature current and future characters, early access-exclusive skin for Ranger and three loot chests, plus more. At launch, the game will include 11 playable champions, including Wolfenstein's BJ Blazkowicz, with the notable addition of DOOM's Doom Slayer. There will be at least six additional Champions before the end of 2018.

Bethesda's final launch price will be $39.99, so if you like the features offered, and prefer the cheaper price, grab that early access come Tuesday.

Watch "The Club" make their entrance in WWE 2K18

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Yesterday, 2K and IGN kicked off this years roster reveal event for WWE 2K18 where almost 50 Superstars were confirmed for this years game. Two of those confirmed were Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, also known as the Raw Tag Team "The Club" and 2K released a video of their tag team entrance. 

The new Raw arena looks fantastic and I love how they even got the new LED ring posts. Also, this is pure speculation on my part but it looks like the crowd fighting area that was introduced in WWE 2K17 has been expanded and now wraps around the entire arena. Crowd fighting and backstage fighting is something fans have been begging them to bring back for years and I was so excited to see them bring it back. I'm excited to see what new backstage areas are going to be included this year. 


KontrolFreek partner with Bungie for exclusive Destiny 2 thumbsticks

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Performance thumbsticks, while not a necessity, can be a nice addition to your controller. Back in the old PS3 days I used to swear by the L2 and R2 extensions because, as good as a control the old Dualshock was, those buttons were terribly designed. The first pair of extensions I ever bought came with some thumbstick covers and while it didn't make me a convert, I did enjoy playing with them. There is a non-negligible element of greater control, but I've never been convinced it really lends a competitive edge.

That might be the perfect space for KontrolFreek to debut their latest pair of Performance Thumbsticks, a collaboration with Bungie for the upcoming release of Destiny 2. If Performance Thumbsticks are only nice to haves, then perhaps the stylings of thumbsticks molded like Ghosts are enough to tip things over the edge? If thumbsticks are actual necessities then why not enjoy some style as well?

From the press release:

  • Designed to enhance both the PvP and PvE experiences in the upcoming Destiny 2, KontrolFreek’s latest thumbstick features the iconic “Ghost” design and a hybrid thumb surface for increased comfort and grip when trying to take the Tower back from Ghaul.
  • The mid-rise thumbstick set adds only 8.6mm to OEM sticks for minimal adjustment time while maximizing quickness and control when accuracy is critical.
  • Destiny 2: Ghost is available for PS4 and XONE at

So whatever itch you might have: for thumbsticks, for style, for love of Destiny? If these scratch your itch maybe it worth checking them out. Hit "Read More" below for additional pics.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.56.13 AM.png

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Online features and post release content for Absolver announced

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Sloclap and Devolver Digital have released more details on their upcoming martial arts combat game Absolver. The developers have announced that there will be new gameplay modes, new features, and new moves added over the next six months after the game arrives August 29th.
Among the updates announced are a 3 versus 3 mode, ranked matches, and a spectator mode. These will be some of the new features added to the game, with more to come. There will be PvP and cooperative PvE combat, where you can learn new moves from opponents and allies alike.
Absolver's online format involves you traveling the plains of Adal (the world of Absolver) encountering both AI-controlled opponents and live players. It'll function much like Journey, in that folks will filter in and out of your own personal server of sorts, as you gain skills and grow in rank and experience.
The game will also feature a "fighting school mechanic" where "more advanced players can create their own school of combat that other players may join." The founder of the school then becomes a mentor to these students, meaning the students can use some of the mentor's abilities from their master's Combat Deck, even if the player hasn't learned it yet, learning from the mentor.

Absolver will arrive on PC (on Steam) and PlayStation 4 on August 29. For more information on Absolver visit and follow @Absolver on Twitter. Check out the video attached here as well for the full scope of what this game will offer.